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better outcomes, better care


Value of MBC

Measurement-Based Care (MBC) is more than just a methodology; it's a transformative approach that can elevate the quality of care your organization provides.

Improves Client Outcomes

Monitor and track patient progress systematically, leading
to better health outcomes and increased client satisfaction.

Improved Quality Care

Better understand your clients and the effectiveness of care across treatments, programs or organizations.

Enhance Clinical Decision-Making

Implement data-driven insights into patient care, resulting in more accurate and effective treatment plans.

Leadership Excellence

Position yourself as a forward-thinking clinical leader
committed to the highest standards of care.

Human-Centred Approach

At Measure with Care, we take a human-centred approach to empowering you and your organization to move towards measurement-based care. We help you build the knowledge, tools and strategies to improve client careWe offer tailored programs for individuals involved in all levels of measurement. This includes: practitioners, managers, leaders and organization-wide strategies.


Workshops & Training Programs

Our workshops and training sessions are facilitated by experienced professionals who use a human-centered approach to help you learn and grow. 


We believe that learning should be
engaging, interactive, and fun, and we
strive to create an environment that
promotes collaboration and fosters a
sense of community.


Custom Programs

& Services

We offer consulting and coaching services customized to meet your needs. 

This can include everything from quality improvement, data strategies, program design, evaluation, change management and implementation support.

We support you in the cultural shift of measuring outcomes to improve care.

What is Measurement Based-Care?

Measurement-Based Care (MBC) is a healthcare practice where decisions about a individuals care are guided by regular monitoring of their symptoms and progress over time using standardized measurement tools. This approach involves systematically tracking patient outcomes, such as changes in symptoms or quality of life, through validated scales, questionnaires, or other assessment tools at regular intervals during treatment.


The collected data is then used to inform and adjust treatment strategies as needed, ensuring that the care provided is tailored to the individual's specific needs and is responsive to their progress. MBC aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment, improve patient outcomes, and support personalized care by making clinical decisions based on empirical evidence.

“Measuring the outcomes of everyone treated in our routine services and learning from the data has vastly improved the effectiveness of our services and has unlocked much more investment in mental health”.

Dr David Clark Professor Emeritus of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, Clinical Informatics Advisor at NHS Talking Therapies 

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